Waterless Wash

Waterless Wash

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Specifically formulated to gently cleanse & protect the exterior of any
vehicle without water. Utilising complex lubricating & waxing agents to
encapsulate and suspend light dirt without damaging paintwork.


Directions for use

  • Liberally spray directly onto paint surface & lightly mist cloth.
  • Wipe in straight horizontal lines with a clean microfibre (top to bottom).
  • Flip to a clean side when significantly soiled to avoid damage.
  • Buff with a dry microfibre cloth to leave a deep gloss finish.
  • DO NOT use to remove excessive dirt, grit or sand.


What our customers say...

"This is a fantastic waterless wash and excellent value for money, I keep one in my car all the time! Very easy to use and leaves a high sheen, streakless finish! I recommend this product to anyone who likes keeping there car in a showroom condition at all times, and contrary to its description, you don't need to restrict its use to your classic car." - N.Smith

"I bought one at Silverstone classic to put up against my meguairs waterless wash as i think this is the best, however, this mint classic one leaves a much deeper lustre and buffed away really easily... impressive, I'm converted" - D.Jones

"I seldom recommend services or products but I can't get enough of this waterless wash. I keep one in the boot in case I'm caught in a light rain shower or catch a puddle on the way to a show. The extra lubrication gives me the peace of mind that my paintwork is safe when wiping away light dirt" - Annon